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Welcome to Potion Lab

Daily Return

Combining best mechanics of the most successful projects we have built Reliable and Endurant system that will last long and bring High Profits. Thanks to its intelligent adaptivity you can earn regardless of the market conditions: ROI-Dapp performance coupled with Miner centeredness creates the Safest Long-Term project for your Investment. The source code has successfully passed several security audits and proved to be fair and trustworthy

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Intelligent Self-Regulating system provides stable payouts regardless of any market conditions. Safe & Profitable Long-Term model - your best choice to Invest!
Endless Referral System: receive your Referral Rewards every time a player you have invited uses Reinvest or Withdraw. As long as they play - you get your dividends!
Lottery and Auction features combined with P2P interactions offer you an unique opportunity to participate in the Project Ecosystem and win BNB or Boosters

Start Earning!

Okay, enough complicated phrases, nobody reads it anyway! We're here to earn, right?

So let's just take a look at few basic parts you need to know before you start

1. What happens when you make a Deposit?

Let's say you Deposit 1 BNB. You get a plan with Final Profit x2 = 2 BNB. This plan has some amount of Ghosts (tireless little workers) that mine our special currency for you - Potions. As time goes by, your mined Potions amount will grow. When you're ready, you can either Withdraw it (and receive BNB to your wallet) or Reinvest (spend your profits to upgrade your plan and, therefore, earn more and faster) PotionLab Guide Catch Ghosts

2. Withdraw or Reinvest?

If your plans have already accumulated some Potions and you want to receive it as BNB - you use Withdraw. All your Potions will get converted to BNB (according to the current Potion Rate) and sent directly to your wallet. You can Withdraw any moment, but you shouldn't do this too often, because after every Withdraw your Ingredient Level drops to 'Awful' and it will slow you down

If you want to earn more and faster, you can use Reinvest instead. Unlike withdrawing, Reinvest does not send any BNB to your wallet. Instead, it upgrades your existing plans: increases its Final Profit and amount of Ghosts (and, therefore, speed of mining Potions) By Reinvesting you also help your Ingredient Level to get better - which is really nice if you're going to Withdraw soon PotionLab Guide Ingredients Withdraw Reinvest

3. What the hell is Ingredient Level?

Every user has their own Ingredient Level. There are 6 levels: Awful, Very Bad, Bad, Good, Very Good, Excellent Ingredients are important when you're going to Withdraw: the weaker your Ingredient Level - the less Potions you can use So, if your Ingredient Level is 'Awful', only 20% of your Potions will be converted to BNB and will be sent to your Wallet. The rest will stay unused until your next Withdraw attempt

Reinvest, on the contrary, does not care how good your Ingredient Level is: it just compounds your Potions to make your existing plans more powerful

So, in short: if your Ingredient Level is high - Withdraw. If it's low - use Reinvest or just wait for your Ingredients to recover naturally

Ghosts 168%
Initial Deposit 1 BNB   boosted by x3   🠆   Final Profit 3 BNB

Available to Reinvest: 1.35 BNB
Available to Withdraw: 0.675 BNB
Taken Profit: 0.5 BNB

4. What did you say about Potion Rate?

Potion Rate is just POTION⇔BNB ratio. It tells how much BNB you will get for your accumulated Potions. The higher this Rate - the faster you get all your plan profits. You can't control Potion Rate - it automatically changes for all users to balance payouts and keep the Project stable

5. So, that simple?

You have just learned the very basic things about PotionLab. There are many interesting details ahead: plan Boosters, Lottery and Auction, several types of Rewards for depositing and reinvesting and other. You can find more info at the bottom of every page or just ask our community members to tell you about different ways to play this game

So, let's start already? :)

Catch the Ghosts

Invest BNB to create a Plan

Enter the amount you wish to Invest. Available Boosters will be used automatically (max 3 at a time)


+ BNB to get 'Excellent'
Your boosters amount:

Deposit History


Catch ghosts that will work for you mining Potions!

Each deposit creates a new Plan

Each plan brings you a certain FinalProfit (by default it doubles your deposit, but with the help of boosters it can be increased up to x5)

Initially each plan is designed to give you your FinalProfit in 30 days (this time also depends on Potion Rate)

Plan lifetime is unlimited. Your plan will exist until you withdraw all your FinalProfit

Minimal deposit is 0.01 BNB. Number of plans you can create is not limited
Deposit is the first step that you make to start using the Project

The minimal deposit amount is 0.01 BNB. By making a deposit you create a Plan that starts bringing you profits. All the profits are calculated in Potions

Main parameters of the plan are:
  • Final Profit - defined on plan creation and determines the profit (in BNB) that this plan will eventually give you
  • Taken Profit – part of your profit (in BNB), that you have already claimed by using Reinvest or Withdraw
  • Remaining Profit - Final Profit minus Taken Profit. That shows you how much BNB the plan can still give you
  • Available Profit – parameter that shows how much BNB are already mined and available to use (it can be different for Reinvest and Withdraw in case of low Ingredients Level)
  • Ghosts Amount – number of Ghosts working for your plan . Each ghost mines 1 potion per second. By default this number is calculated so that it lets your Final Profit to be mined in 30 days. You can increase the Ghosts Amount (and, therefore, mining speed) by using Reinvest to upgrade your existing Plans

By default, the Final Profit equals to х2 of your deposit amount. This parameter can be increased up to x5 by using Boosters. You can either buy Boosters at the Auction or win it in a Lottery

The number of Plans is not limited so you can create as many as you wish. All your Plans will generate profit for you simultaneously

The plan will bring you profit until its Taken Profit reaches Final Profit
Full Explanation

ReCatch your Ghosts

Available Reward To Reinvest
+ ref.rewards
Ingredients Level
Ingredients Recovery
Reinvest Bonus
Note: Referral earnings will be spent to speed up your Plans without adding its BNB value to plans Final Profit
Unlock, I understand

Your Active Plans


Compound profits to earn more and faster!
  • increase FinalProfit of each plan
  • add Ghosts that will increase the speed of mining potions
  • bonus: you also receive 5% of Ghosts for free!

Note: accumulated Plan Profits will be returned back to the according Final Profit of your plan. Accumulated Referral Rewards will be used to create additional Ghosts to speed up your plans

Making Reinvest once a day you receive +1 to the level of Ingredients (check the counter to see whether you are eligible for bonus)

Bonus improvement for Reinvest can be combined with usual ingredients recovery. To do so wait for this counter to expire first
Use this function to upgrade your existing plans. All your Available Earnings including Referral Rewards will be used to increase Final Profits and Ghosts Amounts of your plans

Available Earnings from your Plans will be added back to the Plan Final Profit (in short: increasing each Plan's size accordingly)

Referral Rewards will be used to buy additional Ghosts and speed up your existing Plans (in short: additionally increasing the mining speed of your Plans)

You will also receive 5% bonus Ghosts for free

  • Ingredient Level does not cause any debuff when reinvesting. We recommend you to use Reinvest if your Ingredient Level is lower than 'Excellent'
  • Potion Rate also has no effect since your mined Potions are converted directly to Ghosts, so it's wise to use Reinvest when the Potion Rate is lower than 1.00
  • Once a day you can additionally increase your Ingredients Level by 1 by receiving a special Reinvest Bonus. To check if you are eligible for this bonus, please check the 'Reinvest Bonus' timer
Full Explanation


Available Reward To Withdraw
+ ref.rewards
Ingredients Level
Ingredients Debuff
  • Excellent - 0% (no debuff)
  • Very good - 30%
  • Good - 40%
  • Bad - 50%
  • Very bad - 60%
  • Awful - 80%

Your Active Plans


Here you can claim all your accrued income

Warning! In case of Withdraw your ingredients will immediately turn 'Awful'

Hint: if you have 'Awful' Ingredients it is better to use Reinvest that is not affected by debuff. That gives time for your Ingredients to recover

Plan is finished and stops generating income when TakenProfit is equal to FinalProfit

Funds will be sent directly to your wallet
Use this function to send all the Available Earnings to your wallet

Your Ingredients Level does cause debuff on Withdraw. In case of low Ingredients you will be able to claim only a part of your Available Profits

No worries, the rest of your Profits will not be lost, as the Taken Profit of your Plans will increase only for that amount of BNB that has been sent to your wallet

Debuff accordingly to your Ingredient Level:
  • Excellent - 0% (no debuff)
  • Very good - 30%
  • Good - 40%
  • Bad - 50%
  • Very bad - 60%
  • Awful - 80%


Potion Rate has an impact on Withdraw, so please pay attention to this parameter during peak load times. When the Potion Rate is lower than 1.00 we recommend to use Reinvest instead

Withdrawing funds will immediately downgrade your Ingredients Level to 'Awful'
Full Explanation

Project Stats

Total Invested Amount
AVG Catch amount BNB
Current Potion Rate
Total Active Users
Referral Rewards
Total Payout


Long-Term model is implemented as a special Self-Regulating algorithm that monitors the main metrics and adjusts Potion Rate accordingly

By default (except some overloaded moments) Potion Rate will be higher than 1:1 - that means you will be getting your Profits even faster than in 30 days

Referral system

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Referrals level 1
Referrals level 2
Referrals level 3
Referral Earnings


The easiest way to earn is to invite your friends to the Project and obtain a passive income!

Unlike the other projects where you receive your Referral Reward only once (on deposit) here you receive 7% of each Reinvest or Withdraw of your referral!

If they invite their friends, you will also receive 3% of Level-2 Reinvestment, and 2% from people invited by Level-2 referrals

You receive your Referral Reward in Potions

If you wish you can create a more attractive link, number of links pointing to your wallet is not limited


Sell your Boosters (available: )
You can sell your Boosters here. Select a price and press 'Place' to create a lot. Any user will be able to buy it. Only 1 Booster per lot is sold. You can cancel your lot any time. Once your lot is sold, you receive its full price directly to your wallet
Desired Price
Top - 10 lots
Trade History
Your Active Lots


Here you can sell or buy Boosters

All trades are performed in P2P mode. The seller receives payment and the buyer receives the Booster when making a deal

Boosters can be received for participating in Lottery

There are no extra fees for this type of operations


Rewards: 1x BOOSTER   
Winners: 0
- no winners -
Creators Contest
Participate in the Creators Contest to get a BNB reward or Boosters!

Shoot a video on YouTube, Tik-Tok or make a detailed post on Twitter - and get your Reward!

Get in touch with Project administration to become a participant


Long-Term model is implemented as a special Self-Regulating algorithm that monitors the main metrics and adjusts Potion Rate accordingly

By default (except some overloaded moments) Potion Rate will be higher than 1:1 - that means you will be getting your Profits even faster than in 30 days
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